Performance & Optimization

Database Assessment & Storage Tiering: Forte's Best Practices Approach to Integrating Database & Storage Technologies

Forte Data Solutions’ provides a comprehensive end-to-end “performance” view of our customers’ storage and database infrastructures. Our storage and database engineers identify the most efficient and cost-effective way to optimize database and storage infrastructures. We implement specialized tools to perform a comprehensive database analysis providing detailed database and intelligent storage tiering recommendations, all based on database usage patterns and the data’s importance to the business user. The implementation of intelligent storage tiering enables DBAs to improve application and database performance without engaging in the cumbersome tasks of modifying and tuning application code, modifying physical database schemas, or making large investments in new server infrastructure.

During the Database Performance Assessment our consultants will leverage the DBclassify tool enabling DBAs to view: 

  • Who accesses the data and how frequently it is accessed
  • Database tables and columns that are the most frequently used, seldom used or dormant 
  • Which applications and users  access database objects
  • Ranges of data values that are most frequently queried by business users
  • The data that has the most and least value to business users 
  • Whether data access is different than expected 

This assessment provides DBAs with an ideal method for optimizing data models based on actual usage patterns, formulating intelligent indexing and aggregation strategies, and implementing cost‐effective database information lifecycle management (ILM) policies across the database and storage infrastructure. This yields the following benefits:

  • Improved SLA compliance for business users by significantly reducing I/O wait time for your most critical enterprise applications and databases
  • Reduced TCO by placing the right database objects on the right intelligent storage tier based on specific usage patterns such as highly used “hot” and seldom used “cold” data
  • Provide the business ROI for the automation of I/O balancing and optimization leveraging intelligent storage tiering technologies such as FAST VP.